About Eagle Creek Woodworking

Kevin Harvey carving a bowl

I started out woodworking as a teenager with the guidance and encouragement from my father. Over the many years, I slowly acquired additional tools and equipment that granted me the opportunity to expand my skill set. While I have a wide range of woodworking interests, I have a special affection for building Arts and Crafts furniture. I really enjoy tackling a new project that forces me to go beyond my comfort zone and learn a new technique.

Several years ago, I was trained in the art of hand carving wood bowls by a well-known Indiana bowl carver, Blaine Berry. I immediately embraced this new woodworking technique and continued to refine my carving expertise through trial and error. After significant encouragement from my family and friends, I submitted my hand carved bowls through a juried application process to the Indiana Artisan program, which currently consists of around two hundred Hoosier artist, craftspeople, and foodist. I was elated to be inducted into the 2020 class of artisans. It’s truly been an honor to be recognized as one of Indiana’s finest craftsman. https://www.indianaartisan.org

I realize that prospective customers work hard for their spending money. My intentions are to provide a high quality, long lasting product that can be handed down to future generations. I hope that my handcrafted item will bring as much enjoyment to you as I’ve received while creating each piece.